This is a selection of Android applications I built using Kotlin.

Goldfish Memory

A memory-based card game that supports user authentication/login, best score tracking with a cloud database, and leaderboard functionalities.

*(Left to right)* Profile, game screen, leaderboard


Shopping List

A simple, no-hassle shopping list application that supports adding and editing items, easy checklist, and summary statistics with persistance data storage using Room.

*(Left to right)* Home page, new item, items summary



An elegant weather app that pulls accurate and up-to-date weather information from the OpenWeather API.

*(Left to right)* Home page, new city, check weather


A mini minesweeper game. The home screen allows the user to select the number of bombs, leading to increased difficulty.

*(Left to right)* Home page, game screen (hit a bomb!), game screen (placed a flag)